I have a love for the outdoors, hiking, sight-seeing and photography. I have found this to be the best way for me to escape from the world and just enjoy nature.

In photography, I love landscapes. My favorites are those with waterfalls as the main subject. Living in North Carolina, I am extremely fortunate to be able to have several hundred to visit and capture. Each one is different and all are so tranquil in the experience they provide.


I have also been recognized in:

2016 Kakalak Journal of NC/SC Poetry and Art.

2017 Kakalak Journal of NC/SC Poetry and Art.

CNPA 2018 Annual Conference - Honorable Mention for Japanese Gardens in Portland, Oregon. 


Recently, I have been trying Black-and-White as well as churches.   B&W allow me to play with contrast and churches, cathedrals and such have fantastic architecture.

To see more photos - check www.pbase.com/chrislaskowskiphoto

Cameras - Pentax K-3II and Pentax K-5IIs. Lenses are Pentax, Sigma and Tamron. I also carry a small Nikon point-and-shoot for quick shots.